To the readers from Japan and abroad

Welcome, Japanese netizens. 

My name is Mr. katsuo, and I am a Tour Conductor
for Japan Monster Tours Inc.

I was born and raised in Aomori prefecture in the 
north of Japan, but Ifm fluent in English, French,
Italian and Aomorifs Tsugaru dialect too.

Probably you got already tired with all the sushi and 
anime craze but Japan has many more uncharted attractions 
to offer.

For instance, let me introduce you to the natural, 
original and traditional monsters of my country,funky 
guys who would guide you in a virtual tour of contemporary

You will get acquainted to them through detailed descriptions
of their features compiled by a slightly crazy professor. 
After you read them, youfll be an expert of Japanese things,
even before setting your feet on this land.

To follow, is an insane introduction note written by 
that nut.

Everything he writes is totally incomprehensible stuff 
or, so to say, utterly harebrained crackpot. So, I will 
supply you with fresh tomatoes from my back garden, and 
please feel free to throw them at him like if you were 
at an Spanish tomato festival. 

Don't you think this is so international? 

And when youfre finished reading this, let me know how 
you liked it.

Mr. Katsuo - Japan Monster Tours Inc.